Clinical Trial Results

Clinical results are an essential part of research after a trial is completed. Researchers review and analyze data to generate reports and publish findings.

What Happens After a Clinical Trial?

Review Results

After a clinical trial is completed, the researchers review and analyze the information that is collected. Then, the results of the analysis are summarized in a report.

Publish Results

Clinical researchers have an ethical and legal obligation to publish clinical trial findings. These results are published in scientific and medical journals and with government regulatory agencies.

Finding Results

You may be able to find clinical trial results on public online databases (such as or EU Clinical Trials Register) or on the study sponsor’s clinical trials website.

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About Clinical Trials Results Summaries

Publishing clinical trial results helps the research community understand both progress and setbacks in medical research. However, plain language summaries (PLS) help the general public understand clinical trial results. These summaries contain information about therapies that may still be under investigation in some countries. There is no guarantee that an investigational therapy will be approved or offered for sale in any country. The summaries are intended for informational use only; they are not intended to promote any Astellas product. In addition to this website, you can find plain language summaries for Astellas clinical trials and clinical trials by other sponsors on the Trial Results Summaries website at

Search for Clinical Trial Results

Phase 4 and non-interventional studies are conducted after a drug or treatment has been approved for patients to take. You can search for available information and results of completed Astellas Phase 4 and non-interventional studies on this page.

To find available information and results for other types of Astellas clinical trials, select the SEARCH CLINICAL TRIALS link at the top of this website page.