Clinical Trial Learning Center

The goal of this page is to offer information about the clinical trial process for patients, caregivers and the public. Each article has a unique topic related to clinical trials. We invite you to explore these topics and resources.

Before Joining a Clinical Trial

Reasons to Participate in Clinical Trials

Clinical trials cannot happen without clinical trial participants. But what drives people to volunteer their time and effort in a clinical trial?

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Benefits and Risks of Participating in a Clinical Trial

People join clinical trials for a variety of reasons. While there can be many benefits to joining a trial, there are also possible risks. It’s important to understand both before deciding whether or not to participate.

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Why Are Clinical Trials Important?

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How to Participate in Clinical Trials

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About Clinical Trials

How Long Does Each Clinical Trial Last?

The duration of a clinical trial depends on several factors, including how long it takes to enroll participants and the main questions that the trial is designed to answer. In general, trial duration also varies by trial phase.

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The Four Phases of Clinical Trials

Phase 1 clinical trials: Is the treatment safe?

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Types of Clinical Trials

What are the Types of Clinical Trials?

The term “clinical trial” refers to the study of the effects of experimental drugs, vaccines, devices, and other interventions on people. Clinical trials help find new ways to treat, diagnose, and even prevent disease.

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Randomized Controlled Trials: Overview, Benefits and Limitations

A randomized controlled trial is a type of clinical trial that is used to evaluate how well new treatments work and how safe they are.

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Virtual Clinical Trials

Clinical trials study the effects of different interventions – experimental drugs, vaccines, surgical procedures, devices, and even lifestyle modifications – on people.

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