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A study to find the best dose of fezolinetant to treat hot flashes in women going through menopause

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Hot Flashes


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Phase 2


40 Years - 65 Years






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Trial Dates

Nov 2021 - Dec 2022


Double (Participant, Investigator)

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A Randomized, Placebo-Controlled, Double-Blind, Phase 2 Study to Select the Optimal Dose(s) of Fezolinetant in Women Suffering from Vasomotor Symptoms (Hot Flashes) Associated with Menopause in Japan

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Yokokura Clinic

Minato-ku, Japan

Yukawa Women's Clinic

Nishitokyo-shi, Japan

Medical Corp. SEIKOUKAI New Medical Research System Clinic

Hachioji-shi, Japan

Women's Clinic LUNA Yokohama Motomachi

Yokohama-shi, Japan

Tawada Ladies Clinic

Yokohama-shi, Japan

Tonan Hospital

Sapporo-shi, Japan

Tsushima Ruriko Women's Life Clinic Ginza

Chuo-ku, Japan


Takamatsu-shi, Japan

Omi Medical Center, Social Medical Corporation Seikoukai

Kusatsu-shi, Japan

Kurashiki Medical Clinic

Kurashiki-shi, Japan

GyNet Medical Corporation Minamimorimachi Ladies' Clinic

Osaka-shi, Japan

Hamada Hospital

Chiyoda-ku, Japan

jMOG Medical Corporation Tanabe Ladies' Clinic

Takatsuki-shi, Japan

Yoshinaga Women's Clinic

Kagoshima-shi, Japan

Ena Odori Clinic

Sapporo-shi, Japan

Sapporo Medical Center, NTT East Corporation

Sapporo-shi, Japan

Juno Vesta Clinic Hatta

Matsudo-shi, Japan

Ikebukuro Metropolitan Clinic

Toshima-ku, Japan

Toranomon Womens Clinic

Minato-ku, Japan

M's Ladies Clinic

Sapporo-shi, Japan

Sophia Ladies Clinic

Sagamihara-shi, Japan

Nishikawa Women's Health Clinic

Sapporo-shi, Japan

Medical Corporation Asbo Tokyo Asbo Clinic

Chuo-ku, Japan

Japan Community Healthcare Organization Tokuyama Central Hospital

Shunan-shi, Japan

Maruyama Memorial General Hospital

Saitama-shi, Japan

Seijo Kinoshita Hospital

Setagaya-ku, Japan

SANO Women's Clinic

Fukuoka-shi, Japan

Kotoni Ladies Clinic

Sapporo-shi, Japan

Ikebukuro Clinic

Toshima-ku, Japan

Kurobe City Hospital

Kurobe-shi, Japan

Unoki Clinic

Kagoshima-shi, Japan

Chieko Yukika Lady's Clinic

Sendai-shi, Japan

Kyoto City Hospital

Kyoto-shi, Japan

Japan Organization of Occupational Health and Safety Toyama Rosai Hospital

Uozu-shi, Japan

Social Medical Care Corporation Hosei-kai Marunouchi Hospital

Matsumoto-shi, Japan

Nomura Clinic Namba

Osaka-shi, Japan

Mori Ladies Clinic

Fukuoka-shi, Japan

Japan Organization of Occupational Health and Safety Kyushu Rosai Hospital

Kitakyusyu-shi, Japan

Ginza Yoshida Clinic

Chuo-Ku, Japan

Shimamura Memorial Hospital

Nerima-ku, Japan

Omihachiman Community Medical Center

Omihachiman-shi, Japan