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A 5 year follow-up of patients who were previously enrolled into an Advagraf trial following a liver or kidney transplant

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Liver Transplants, Kidney Transplants




18 years - N/A


Female & Male




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Trial Dates

Mar 2014 - Oct 2017


Not Available

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A long-term follow-up of adult kidney and liver allograft recipients previously enrolled into a Tacrolimus (Advagraf) trial. A multicentre non-interventional post authorization study (PAS)

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Site SK42101

Banska Bystrica, Slovakia, 975 01

Site IT39013

Bologna, Italy, 40138

Site DE49018

Hannover, Germany, 30625

Site FR33026

Le Kremlin Bicetre, France, 94275

Site DE49006

Tubingen, Germany, 72076

Site RU70004

Moscow, Russian Federation, 129090

Site FR33027

Clermont-Ferrand, France, 63003

Site PL48004

Szczecin, Poland, 70-111

Site ES34014

Sevilla, Spain, 41013

Site HU36002

Szeged, Hungary, 6720

Site FR33024

Rouen Cedex, France, 76233

Site FR33008

Paris, France, 75571

Site CZ42004

Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic, 500 05

Site SE46002

Stockholm, Sweden, 14186

Site LT37001

Vilnius, Lithuania, LT-08661

Site SK42102

Bratislava, Slovakia, 833 05

Site FR33032

Dijon, France, 21079

Site LV37101

Riga, Latvia, LV-1002

Site RU70011

Volzhskiy, Russian Federation, 404120

Site PL48005

Lodz, Poland, 91-153

Site BE32009

Liege, Belgium, 4000

Site RO40003

Bucharest, Romania, 22328

Site FR33003

Clichy, Paris, France, 92118

Site FR33031

Paris Cedex 15, France, 75743

Site FR33001

Creteil, France, 94000

Site CA15003

Montreal, Canada, H2X3J4

Site SE46001

Gothenburg, Sweden, 41345

Site DE49027

Mannheim, Germany, 68167

Site ES34004

Barcelona, Spain, 08035

Site DE49019

Bochum, Germany, 44892

Site ES34001

Hospitalet de Llobregat, Spain, 08907

Site RU70013

Volzhskiy, Russian Federation, 404120

Site DE49001

Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 60596

Site GB44003

Leeds, United Kingdom, LS7 9TF

Site BE32007

Brussels, Belgium, 1090

Site IT39015

Ancona, Italy, 60126

Site IT39011

Vicenza, Italy, 36100

Site ES34013

Madrid, Spain, 28034

Site PL48006

Katowice, Poland, 40 027

Site DE49014

Halle, Germany, 6120

Site CZ42003

Olomouc, Czech Republic, 775 00

Site BE32001

Gent, Belgium, 9000

Site KR82005

Seoul, Republic of Korea, 110-744

Site BE32003

Leuven, Belgium, 3000

Site DE49030

Essen, Germany, 45147

Site IT39017

Salerno, Italy, 84131

Site ES34021

Valencia, Spain, 46009

Site AT43002

Vienna, Austria, 1090

Site ES34016

Valladolid, Spain, 47011

Site FI35801

Helsinki, Finland, 00029

Site KR82002

Seoul, Republic of Korea, 05505

Site ES34007

Zaragoza, Spain, 50009

Site DE49015

Kaiserslautern, Germany, 67655

Site FR33019

Paris Cedex 20, France, 75970

Site SE46004

Uppsala, Sweden, 75185

Site BE32008

Liege, Belgium, 4000

Site RO40001

Bucharest, Romania, 22328

Site FR33012

Bordeaux, France, 33076

Site FR33014

Montpellier Cedex 05, France, 34295

Site CZ42006

Brno, Czech Republic, 65691

Site IT39005

Bologna, Italy, 40138

Site HU36001

Budapest, Hungary, 1082

Site ES34003

Barcelona, Spain, 08036

Site IT39016

Palermo, Italy, 90127

Site IT39012

Milan, Italy, 20132

Site IT39008

Naples, Italy, 80131

Site FR33017

Strasbourg, France, 67091

Site FR33025

Brest, France, 29609

Site TR90003

Istanbul, Turkey

Site DE49017

Rostock, Germany, 18057

Site KR82006

Daegu, Republic of Korea, 700-721

Site ES34005

A Coruna, Spain, 15006

Site FI35802

Helsinki, Finland, 00029

Site NL31001

Maastricht, Netherlands, 6229 HX

Site BE32002

Brussels, Belgium, 1070

Site IT39010

Padova, Italy, 35128

Site RU70010

Omsk, Russian Federation, 644112

Site CH41002

Bern, Switzerland, 3010

Site RU70005

Moscow, Russian Federation, 119992

Site BE32005

Leuven, Belgium, 3000

Site ES34015

Madrid, Spain, 28041

Site DE49008

Jena, Germany, 07747

Site IT39003

Bergamo, Italy, 24122

Site IT39001

Udine, Italy, 33100

Site IT39006

Genova, Italy, 16132

Site ES34012

Badalona-Barcelona, Spain, 8916

Site CA15001

Halifax, Canada, B3H2Y9

Site IT39002

Padova, Italy, 35127

Site BY37501

Minsk, Belarus, 220116

Site KR82001

Seoul, Republic of Korea, 120-752

Site FR33004

Nice Cedex 3, France, 06202

Site DE49013

Dusseldorf, Germany, 40225

Site IT39020

Rome, Italy, 00168

Site FR33022

Saint Etienne, France, 42055

Site DE49010

Regensburg, Germany, 93042

Site AT43001

Innsbruck, Austria, 6020

Site ES34018

Hospitalet de Llobregat, Spain, 08907

Site RU70014

Kemerovo, Russian Federation, 650066

Site ES34010

Cordoba, Spain, 14004

Site DE49002

Kiel, Germany, 24105

Site ES34011

Barcelona, Spain, 08035

Site RU70002

Moscow, Russian Federation, 129090

Site DE49022

Hannoversch Munden, Germany, 34346

Site FR33028

Vandoeuvre les Nancy, France, 54511

Site DE49004

Berlin, Germany, 13353

Site FR33034

Toulouse Cedex 4, France, 31403

Site HU36003

Debrecen, Hungary, 4012

Site FR33007

Besancon, France, 25030

Site ES34009

Tenerife, Spain, 38320

Site RU70007

Moscow, Russian Federation, 129110

Site RU70012

Ekaterinburg, Russian Federation, 620102

Site FR33018

Limoges Cedex 1, France, 87042

Site ES34006

Madrid, Spain, 28034

Site ES34019

Barakaldo, Spain, 48903

Site CZ42002

Prague 4, Czech Republic, 140 21

Site PL48001

Warsaw, Poland, 02-097

Site CZ42005

Ostrava, Czech Republic, 70852

Site FR33020

Angers Cedex 09, France, 49933

Site EE37201

Tartu, Estonia, 51014

Site IE35301

Dublin, Ireland, 4

Site FR33029

Creteil, France, 94010

Site FR33002

Villejuif, France, 94804

Site CZ42001

Prague 4, Czech Republic, 140 21

Site AT43003

Linz, Austria, 4010

Site IT39019

Siena, Italy, 53100

Site FR33030

Tours Cedex, France, 37044

Site PL48003

Gdansk, Poland, 80211

Site KR82007

Busan, Republic of Korea, 614-735

Site IT39009

Milan, Italy, 20162

Site FR33011

Marseille Cedex 05, France, 13385

Site GB44002

London, United Kingdom, SE5 9RS

Site FR33015

Nice Cedex 1, France, 6002

Site ES34020

Santander, Spain, 39008

Site FR33009

Tours, France, 37044

Site IT39021

Treviso, Italy, 31100

Site ES34017

Alicante, Spain, 03010

Site FR33023

Nantes Cedex 01, France, 44093

Site FR33010

Paris cedex 13, France, 75651

Site GB44001

Birmingham, United Kingdom, B15 2TH

Site IT39014

L'Aquila, Italy, 67100

Site IT39004

Rome, Italy, 00133

Site PT35102

Lisbon, Portugal, 1069-166

Site DE49005

Hannover, Germany, 30625

Site DE49011

Aachen, Germany, 52074

Site DE49025

Munich, Germany, 81377

Site DE49016

Munich, Germany, 81675

Site PL48007

Poznan, Poland, 60-479