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Our VISION at Astellas is to turn innovative science into VALUE for patients.

The purpose of this website is to offer education and information to patients and their families and friends, the public, and healthcare professionals about the clinical trial process. In addition, the website will provide specific information about Astellas clinical trials. Please read the complete

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What is a clinical trial?

Clinical trials help us find new or improved treatment options for people who need them.

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Why participate in a clinical trial?

The reasons for joining a clinical trial are personal, and as different as the conditions or diseases being studied.

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The importance of diversity in clinical trials

At Astellas, we recognize that the products we develop are used across diverse populations, not just in one segment of the population, so we take specific steps to increase representation in all our clinical trials. These include:

  • Raising awareness about our clinical trials to reach diverse communities

  • Including more clinical trial sites in diverse communities, whenever possible

  • Providing flexible options to make participation more convenient and meaningful

  • Partnering with patient advocacy groups and patient organizations to educate people in their networks about upcoming clinical trials

  • Participating in industry-wide activity to increase diversity in clinical trials, including support of the Diversity in Clinical Trials chapter of the PhRMA Clinical Trial Principles in the U.S.

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Help make a difference for others

At the end of the day, I feel positive that I have done something to help maybe not myself but to help other people.

- Gail P., living with Multiple Sclerosis

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You make it possible to deliver new and better clinical trials and treatments for people worldwide. Good science and research can only succeed when we join forces with patients, volunteers, caregivers, and healthcare professionals like you. You are our partners in turning science into VALUE for patients. Thank you for choosing to participate with us in clinical trials.